Third Coast is faith family that welcomes people from all walks of life to follow Jesus and fearlessly make Him known.

Following Jesus includes accepting Him as our rescuer from sin, connecting to a holy God who has now adopted us into His family, and pursuing Him as our living leader through the power and guidance of His Holy Spirit. While we don’t always do it perfectly, following Jesus means to please Him with our whole life. We want to grab hold, with both hands, the abundant life of love, joy, self-control and peace He promises.
To fearlessly make Jesus known recognizes that it takes courage to share Jesus with a person or a culture that does not yet embrace Him. Sometimes the courage will require a boldness to stand for Jesus and His way of life when it is not popular or easy. Sometimes the courage will require us to humbly serve people who are far from God and show them the love of Christ in tangible ways. In other words, we want to make Jesus known with the same intention, courage and humility that He revealed himself during his lifetime.

Our 5 R's are characteristics that mark the life of a Fearless Follower
RESPOND to who God is and what He is doing.
RELATE to one another in love
REACH others with the love and hope of Jesus
RESTORE justice and mercy in our world.
REPLICATE what Jesus is doing in us.



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