'The Local Ledger'

a new weekly newsletter promoting SDABA businesses

Beginning in June 2022, SDABA is featuring its local member businesses in a new weekly email newsletter called The Local Ledger.

WHAT IT IS: Each week we’ll feature a 80-word write-up and one graphic/photo for 5 different local businesses. The content is YOUR CHOICE. Tell a story, introduce a product, announce a sale. Click below for a mockup e-paper using our board’s very own businesses.

WHO GETS IT: Every Sunday morning we’ll send out THE LOCAL LEDGER to our ever-growing list of over 1500 locals and visitors alike.

HOW TO RESERVE DATES: Use our online booking system below to reserve your spots throughout the year. EVERY SDABA MEMBER BUSINESS CAN RESERVE UP TO FIVE DATES PER YEAR, MAXIMUM ONE PER MONTH. As you click through the monthly calendars, you’ll see the number of still available spots on each calendar Sunday. Simply click on the date, fill out your information and click ‘Book Now’. You’ll have to submit your information for each date, but you can now book through the end of 2022!

HOW TO SUBMIT CONTENT: Reserve your dates today. And then, about 2-3 weeks before your scheduled date, we’ll reach out for your personalized content. If you’d like, we can also help write copy and/or take photos. Just let us know what kind of messaging you want, and we’ll take it from there!

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